Wellness Programs

At 988help.org, we believe that applying life-long, sustainable healthy practices is key to finding wholeness, mastering wellbeing and creating healthy, happy lifestyle. Using a positive integrative approach to wellness can be powerful. That is why we recommend wellness programs with a proven, whole-person approach. Combined with coaching, it’s the most comprehensive approach to tracking and managing personal wellness. This online program has dynamic interactive tools to help you determine personal wellness priorities and achieve goals by integrating all aspects of your life, represented in 12 key dimensions. With you coaches, we will cover areas in:

• Self Responsibility & Love
• Breathing
• Sensing
• Eating
• Moving
• Feeling
• Thinking
• Playing & Working
• Communicating
• Intimacy
• Finding Meaning
• Transcending

Through a comprehensive assessment, recovery coaches, therapists and other wellness experts can assist you in identifying your strengths as well as areas that may need improvement. Your wellness plan and action goals can help to:

• Reduce stress
• Manage weight and eat healthier
• Improve relationships
• Gain better work-life balance
• Connect to a deeper meaning in your personal life
• Discover a higher level of health and wellbeing

Integrative Nutrition

Embedded in a wellness initiatives is a strong focus on nutrition, mindfulness and holistic therapies. Using an integrative nutrition model, a wellness expert can bring to life many observations, tools and techniques on how you relate to food. Nutrition is a huge part of our wellbeing and integrative nutrition plans can provide you with the tools to help you have more sustainable energy and clearer thinking.

Mindfulness Practices

Stress is in all our lives and our ability to manage stress can make a major impact to dealing with life’s daily situations. Our reaction to stress is vital to finding calmness of mind, relaxation of our bodies and happiness of spirit. An introduction to mindfulness through conscious awareness practices, meditations, breathwork and mindful movements (Yoga/Qigong) can form a lasting foundation.

You can take mindfulness into all the various dimensions of your life. For example, you may need to make healthier eating choices. Mindfulness in what is important to provide you with the right foods for mental clarity, sustained energy and overall health and wellness.

Holistic Therapies

Experience deep relaxation, clearness of mind and balance through holistic therapies; like Reiki, Reflexology or Aromatherapy sessions. Reiki is a Japanese form of hands-on energy healing that has been clinically proven to reduce stress and create overall relaxation. Clients have found a peacefulness and a means to promote reduction in stress. Reflexology (acupressure of feet and hands), can create balance in the tissue, glands, organs and body structure. Both Reiki and Reflexology are detoxifying modalities that can help to release emotional, mental and physical restrictions.

These are just a few areas that our wellness program can help you on your journey to overall wellbeing.

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